North Brunswick Mutual Aid July 22,2015

Approximately 1700 Hours on July 22, 2015, Madison Park Fire Company was dispatched to assist the township of North Brunswick on a major ware house fire that was burning since 0200 hours and had surpassed a fifth alarm. Engine 407 responded to the call with Assistant Chief Ken McLaughlin, Captain Thomas Alfrey, Firefighter Mike Greaves and Firefighter Joseph Dinkelacker. Other members of the fire company remained in the Madison Park area to staff engine 409 in the event of another call.


The Crew of Engine 407 worked through out the night at a tanker fill site ensuring that water was supplied to the various aerial firefighting apparatus and the Neptune High Flow water delivery system. Around 0200 Hours the crew was reassigned to assist the New Brunswick Fire Department with a 2nd alarm house fire


Assistant Chief McLaughlin and Firefighter Dinkelacker entered the structure and assist crews from New Brunswick and several other area agencies in extinguishing the fire.


Engine 407 finally returned to Madison Park at around 0600 hours on July 23rd.


The crews who attended this fire and those who remained in district did a great job.